15 January 2017

COMICS MEETUP - The first of 2017!

Luckily, Dareen Close reminded me the first comics meetup for 2017 was on that day, so we casually made our way down on a Saturday afternoon (14.01.17). As always: pictures tell a thousand words...

A really nice & full turnout... props to Brendan for the new venue (two thumbs up!)

Good pub food.

Chatting with old friends...

Hector Bustnuts.

I took a whole bunch of lenses to capture the day.

So good to see, Bruce Mutard drop in... we had a nice chat. I'm selfishly sorry to see him leave for WA soon, but happy for his oppotunity to do so.

... and of course, there were comics... both bought, and created by the people there.

Paul Bedford takes the worst selfies, I swear.

Some nice comics work being developed by Brendan Hallyday.

One of the few times I'm in front of the camera.

... and the day ends.

Great choice of venue by Brendan Hallyday... hopefully we can keep this one as our regular spot.