27 March 2016

09 March 2016

OXYGEN: Chapter.7 - another page...

Ok, trying out a different set of pens/nibs to the last finished page I inked...

I like the cleanness of the line. Clarity seems to transpose unto the reading too. Maybe it's just me? Anyway, me likey.

06 March 2016

Comics Meetup - Mar.2016

A photo tells a thousand words, so...

Hector Bustnuts & Trevor Wood.

Paul Bedford. Congrats on the next 'The List' novel getting the green-light on funding. Can't wait to read it.

Even, Larry Boxshall dropped in.

The big guns in writing and drawing.

I love seeing this emerging again; people showing their comics pages in person. For a while this dissappeared, but people are starting to do work again :)

Neville's late contribution to 'Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun'

Remember, the Melbourne comic meetups are on every month. Come down... it's a lot of fun.