04 December 2016


The December comics meetup is always a good one. Predominantly because it's the last hoorah, and everyone wants to see each other for one last time before the year resets.

This is what it's all about...

And this is what it's all about.

Until one comes back to these meetups and talks to fellow creative friends, you forget how much you get re-energised by these connections. Talking about your passions, drives and why we do what we're obsessed by.

My new year's resolution is to be much more immerssed into the field (like i used to be), because I feel (no, actually KNOW) there's a direct relation to connecting with like-minded friends like this, and the quality/output of my own work. It's a symbiotic relationship that can't be gotten by solitude alone.

Here's to a much more productive 2017 (God, already!).

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