05 January 2016


Congratulations to my fellow comics friend, Darren Close, for taking out the 2015 ComicOz award for Best Australian Original Comic Book.

It's an extremely honest and personal story of the internal battle an artist (and quite frankly, a human being) goes through.. The story portrays the moment one finally has the courage to do something worthwhile, and then the mind game that often ensues in letting go of insecurity and fear. Contact Darren Close to grab a copy of this great short story.  

(A great introduction by writer, Paul Bedford, and nicely printed too... through, Brendan Halyday)


comicoz said...

Ah, Bobby.N how remiss of me! I did indeed forget to mention the quality of the printing. It WAS first class. Who do we thank there? And, dare I say, a top-notch Introduction to the physical book, too...

Bobby.N said...

Thanks for pointing those things out (fixed now)... Cheers :)