13 April 2015

The Ledger Awards 2015

The 2015 Ledger Awards were on again last Friday, and it was the best one ever...

Bernard Caleo was M.C'ing in his white suit (as per tradition).

Alisha Jade.

Josh Santospirito (on audio instruments) and Chris Downes (on ink instruments).

Very cool show.

Almost all of my favorite cartoonists got a pat on the back that night, including the much deserved Frank Candiloro...


Thomas Campi is one of my favorite Australian cartoonist/illustrators. The guy is a master with digital painting, and I can't wait to see this book that won a Ledger Award.

Tim Molly's 'Mr Unpronounceable' won another award this year. The guy is a machine!

Dean Rankine (crowd favorite) !.... so glad for him. He's another tireless workhorse, and a genuinely nice guy. He seems to just pump out comics every week.

Chris Gooch won for his 'Very Quiet, Very Still' book... Chris is a young cartoonist who's decades ahead of his age in terms of skill.

Great to see some books win that I'd never heard of. (*notes book down in his phone*)

Jase Harper won the GOLD award for his 'Awkwood' book...

Good onya Jase...! (and congrats to Milk Shadow Books for having SO many creators under their umbrella take awards out).

Dean Rankine.


Well done guys :)

Three winners!

Gary Chaloner (chief organiser).

Alana had the best shot.

Congratulations to all the winners. Well deserved. I had a ball hanging out, chatting, snapping photos and generally having a really nice time with familiar faces that I don't see often enough. Gatherings like this, if nothing else, serve to get you back to the drawing board with a smile on your face and feeling of comradeship.

And to all the childish haters who were tweeting snide & bitter comments as the show was going on, haven't you got better things to do than tear people down? No one's forcing you to fly the Ledger flag. Grow a pre-frontal cortex.

Anyway... I loved it. See you next year!

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