13 April 2015

A thousand words

Last Thursday night I went along to hear eight creative locals present talks about what they're creating (or have created). It was held in the very cool Brunswick Arts Space.

Bernard Caleo (aka: Doorman)

"How does this thing work?"

Many great local creators were there...

As well as beer.

Tim McEwen dropped in too... with Bernard Caleo (aka: hair sniffer)

Bernard Caleo (aka: M.C)

Christopher Downes (showing his process).

Sarah Howell

Bruce Mutard (love this guys work).

Eri Kashima

... intermission...

David Blumenstein

Joe Waite.

Miranda Burton, and Joshua Santospirito also presented very interesting (and funny) talks on their current projects.

It was a really cool & arty evening. Relaxed and insightful regarding the ideas/projects that various creative people are working on. Definitely going to the next one.

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