16 December 2014

CD COVER: part 1

One of the fun things about illustrating is being able to re-think how something can 'feel'. This CD cover I'm illustrating for a client now, all stems from a haunting 'mood' he wants... and so every bit of reality (like clouds) gets to be re-thought and amped up.

13 December 2014

The Bleeding Eye

Tim Molloy launched his great second volume of Mr Unpronouncable adventures today at Squishface Studios. Aside from the boiling HOT weather, it was a really great turnout of familiar local comics support.

Everyone admired the recent coaster sketches drawn by various Aussie comic artists that adorned the walls of Squishface.

Matilda (Milk Shadow Books) was doing her usual great job of selling quality books.

Trust me... it's better in person.

Frank Candilloro.

Tim Molloy's hand didn't stop signing and sketching copies for all of us lucky people.

Ben Hutchings grabbed my camera and took this of me... nice one Ben :)...

... But not as cool as this guy.

Tim Molloy.

James Andre... CEO of Milk Shadow Books.

This volume of Tim's is called 'Mr Unpronouncable and the sect of the bleeding eye'... and available from the awesome publisher, Milk Shadow Books. It is thoroughly awesome. Go get it!

07 December 2014

Comics meetup 06.12.14

Well, another year has passed, and it was time for the last meetup of the year... and what a turnout it was! I think 40-50 people showed up.

David Blummenstein & Jason Franks.

Darren Close & Paul Bedford.

Henry Pop.

Colin Wilson's French graphic novel 'Wonderball'. Even though I couldn't understand a word of it, it was pretty clear to follow the sequential flow of his masterful artwork.

It's really obvious to see the differences between US vs European sensibilities when it comes to graphic novels. This book is really like being immersed in a movie.

Brendan Halyday.

Everyone was drawing on coasters for David Blummenstein's project.

Angelo Madrid totally mesmerised by Colin Wilson.

After the meetup, Trevor Wood and I went down to the Tote (Johnston St, Collingwood), where the Girls to the front exhibition was launched...

Some really excellent work by various artists.

One of my favorite pieces.

Trev's work... which was the only piece featuring a penis in this pro-female exhibition.

Loved this Freda painting.

Even Kane was there...

... as well as Lucas Testro.

A pretty packed turnout.