17 November 2014

Yeeha! - A Comics Showcase

In a few weeks I'll have two originally inked comics pages from my next issue of DIGESTED in a gallery showing at the Fawn Gallery with some of the best creators in Australia (see flyer above) called YEEHA! Also, each creator's original artwork will be FOR SALE! So come down and buy an original framed piece to hang on your wall, or grab some books/prints which will also be on offer.

10 November 2014

Comicpalooza #2

Guess where and when this year's Comicpalooza #2 was held...

On a hot afternoon, four great books were launched in a cool air-conditioned pub in Melbourne's CBD. Launched on the day were books from Chris Gooch (Very Quiet, Very Still), Dale Miccanti & Tennille Owens (The Misadventures of Peter Pumpkinhead featuring artists from the web comic), Tom Garden (System Earth 5) and SCAR (The Fuglies).

Chirs Gooch signing copies.

Matt Emery & Brenan Halyday.

Brendan Halyday selling behind the table.

The local scene turned out in numbers to support the four new books.

The creators of the four books.

03 November 2014

Debbie's Inferno

Grabbed Anne Emond's 32 page comic DEBBIE'S INFERNO from Matt Emery at the last Melbourne Comics Meetup. The cartooning style caught my eye. Reminded me of Mandy Ord's work.

It's a quick read but very good. I really enjoy comics like these that make the reading experience like you're taking a walk on the beach... a nice change from all the usual fragmented angst and fury of other comics. From a visual point-of-view I like the grid structure Anne's used, and the cartooning style has a very 'R.Crumb' feel to it. Story-wise, I thought it was ok on first reading... but I re-read it again this morning over a cup of tea (with nowhere to be) and I liked it a lot. Just goes to show how time/place/mood can effect one's appreciation of things. Really good stuff.