29 October 2014

Withheld - (review)

WITHHELD has a special place in my heart. It was the first book I published as my own. It's when I jumped in with both feet and said, "This is mine."

Thanks to the guys at Melbourne Comics for featuring WITHHELD as the first review in their series called 'Small puddle. Big waves'.

Click here to read the review.

27 October 2014

Squishzine Brunstown

Yesterday afternoon (26th-OCT-2014), Squichface Studio launched their FREE comic book called Squishzine Brunstown.

David Blummenstein & Ben Hutchings unboxing the gorgeous comics before the launch.

The day was a pretty hot and sunny one. Better than it raining all over the comics I suppose.

And it gave people the chance to chat and drink in the sun.

A cool little jazz band was cranking out some nice tunes to set the mood.

The ring-leaders of the wonderful free comic... David Blummenstein (left) and Ben Hutchings (middle)

Ive Sorocuk (red shirt)

Jase Harper (black t-shirt & sunnies)

It's an absolutely beautiful A5 colour comic, and it's FREE no less. So what are you waiting for? Get down to Squishface Studio and grab yourself a copy!

20 October 2014

Armageddon 2014

I had a great time sitting behind the Milk Shadow Books booth yesterday at Armageddon Expo (Melbourne Showgrounds). As I walked from my car to the event, there was the usual costumed hoards of teenagers (and not-so-teenagers) walking to the entrance like ants.

As I got there, I was greeted by my high school friend (Emmanuel), and his kids.

I had the privilege of sitting next to the talented Jase Harper.

One of Jase Harper's beautiful prints that was on sale.

In between talking to people, I doodled in my sketchbook.

A Ben Hutchings (Hutcho) poster.

Jason Franks and Paul Bedford. Aside from the joy that the actual comics 'craft' gives me (alone behind paper)... the social aspect of the scene is all about hanging out with mates like these... This shot, however, does little to alleviate the 'geek' stereotype from our medium, Paul.

An old work/studio colleague, Ben Stock, dropped by. He's the only person I've worked with in my design career that's actually 'into' the comics scene.

Melbourne Comics had a very interesting panel discussing comics, distribution and all related aspects concerning getting our work out.

The Gestalt booth.

FEC Comics

John Petropoulos ( Bug&Stump) & daughter.

Where I sat during the day... The Milk Shadow booth.

Melbourne Comics.

Neville Howard (Melbourne Comics/Velocity)

Troy Varker ( All Star Comics ).

Harrison Chua.

This is the great thing about the comics scene... everyone is so friendly and gets along. No one really covets information, nor is afraid of mixing with (so called) competition. It's all very friendly... unlike many in the photography field.

Jase Harper.

A fairly good turnout, as usual.


Brendan Halyday and Darren Close.

It was a humid afternoon, but otherwise, our booth good sales. Thanks to Milk Shadow Books for having me behind their table. I had fun sitting with you all and sketching for customers.

17 October 2014

This weekend...

I'll be sitting behind the Milk Shadow Books stand at the Armageddon Expo this Sunday after 1pm at the Melbourne Showgrounds. Come by, say hello, and get a free sketch from me with any book of mine you buy.