04 December 2014


On Monday (1-Dec-2014), a great little free comic exhibition at the Fawn Gallery was open. You can even buy most of the original artwork on the wall. Have a look at the pieces (below) and tell me you're not tempted :)... It's only on until this Sunday, so get down there!

Ben Hutchings. Coolest comics creator around, and the person responsible for this exhibit. Thanks Ben!

My two pieces (from the next DIGESTED issue).

Ben Hutchings' work.

Look at all the great artists I was surrounded by.

Andrew Fulton

Jase Harper (a great little story)

David Blummenstein's story.

I had a nice little chat to David about the process of creating our work. From thumbnails, to penciling and the problems of fitting everything on the page so it reads well in the final comic.

Andrew Fulton's work was my absolute favorite at the show. Each of his pieces was a self-contained comic that doubles as piece of art in it's own right. It ticked all the boxes, and his style is right up my alley.

Published books and things from all of the artists is (or was, depending on when you're reading this) on sale at the front of the gallery.

Tim Molloy. One of the most prolific and confident artists working the scene today. He has a great belief in what he does and continually pumps out flawless work.

My sister popped down to one of my comic events for the first time. Great to see her there.

I've been guilty of keeping my comic-related world a secret from my loved ones my entire life. A kind-of persona I kept in my private world. And because this little world of mine has been with me since I was a kid, I've kept the same unintentional secrecy about comics ever since. Almost embarrassed to let them in. Well, it's good to finally let go of that.

Colin Wilson - noticing the message in one of my pieces.

A really solid turnout of people... and don't the streets look like San Francisco?

Ben Hutchings.

Come down to the Fawn Gallery while this FREE exhibition is still on! Closes on Sunday (7th December 2014)

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MR.GRIM said...

That looks like a really amazing exhibition! What a great mix of talent :)