13 December 2014

The Bleeding Eye

Tim Molloy launched his great second volume of Mr Unpronouncable adventures today at Squishface Studios. Aside from the boiling HOT weather, it was a really great turnout of familiar local comics support.

Everyone admired the recent coaster sketches drawn by various Aussie comic artists that adorned the walls of Squishface.

Matilda (Milk Shadow Books) was doing her usual great job of selling quality books.

Trust me... it's better in person.

Frank Candilloro.

Tim Molloy's hand didn't stop signing and sketching copies for all of us lucky people.

Ben Hutchings grabbed my camera and took this of me... nice one Ben :)...

... But not as cool as this guy.

Tim Molloy.

James Andre... CEO of Milk Shadow Books.

This volume of Tim's is called 'Mr Unpronouncable and the sect of the bleeding eye'... and available from the awesome publisher, Milk Shadow Books. It is thoroughly awesome. Go get it!

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