24 August 2014

Jase Harper's, AWKWOOD...

I looked on my wall calendar yesterday, and it told me I was going to the launch of Jase Harper's new book AWKWOOD.

It was held at the cool Squishface Studios (309 Victoria St, Brunswick).

Jase Harper was busy selling and signing his new book.

Limited edition prints by Jase Harper were also on sale.

On the Studio's window, Jase's original inked pages from the book were displayed for all to view. Really nice way of people being able to enjoy the work from the outside while chatting with a drink in hand.

Matt Emery & James Andre... advertising on the street to passing cars.

James Andre (Milk Shadow Books Publisher).

Jason Franks.

Lucas Testro.

The old regulars.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon... Later.

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