03 August 2014

Comics meetup: 2.8.14

For those of you that think these comic meetups are scary & nerve-wracking to attend because you don't know anyone... well don't. Most of us who are into comics are introverts, so a lot of people are in the same boat as you. The great thing about these meetups is no-one cares or judges. We all like comics (making or reading them), so you're already part of the club by dint of that fact... So, as Ian Turpey would say, "Come on down."

The ever-cool, Frank Candiloro.

Another great and solid turnout this month. About 25-30 people showed up and sketched & chatted about comics.

Brendan Halyday doing a portrait...

Brendan's such a great illustrator... This was done on the fly just sitting across the table. No pencil, just straight into inks.

Zoomed in.

Had a great chat with Colin and Brendan this meetup. Two of the nicest guys you'll meet, and also full of talent and smarts.

A band was setting up to play as our meetup was drawing to a close. Time to get out.


Daz said...

You remain a sneaky bugger sir, never know when that camera's out!

Bobby.N said...

You know me, Daz.