06 May 2014

Free Comic Book Day 2014

This past weekend was international Free Comic Book Day. This is the equivalent of Christmas for comic book shops around the world, where all kinds of folks, often not necessarily into comics, bring themselves (and kids) to get sketches done by artists, have free comics showered on them, and generally have a ball.

As in most years, the majority of Melbourne creators flock to their favorite comic shops to lend their services for the day. they sketch, shake hands with people and basically join in all the good-natured fun.

Brendan Hallyday

Most of the people I know in the Melbourne comics scene always come down to All Star Comics and lend a hand because these guys support local talent like no other store... so why wouldn't we support them, right? Pretty nice way to run a business and a community.

Everyone had fun.

Artist Alley (where we did free sketches for people), was held around the corner at 1000 Pound Bend Cafe. You'd walk through the cafe into the back warehouse area. They make great burgers.

Matt Emery

Trevor Wood

Tim Molloy was (as usual) doing simply lovely work... with water colour no less! You had to be there.

Tim Molloy

David Blummenstein

In All Star Comics, kids and crowds flocked into the store to get their free comics and others. It was a roaring day for the shop... as it should be.

Is that Troy?

A happy fan got a beautiful sketch by David Blummenstein.


I have, until next year's Free Comic Book Day, reached my quota in drawing superheros. Because I don't really read spandex fetish, I didn't really know what many fans would ask of me to draw. The plus side was that it gave me a chance to talk with them and search on their smartphones for images to reference... thereby breaking the ice. It was fun asking every request, "what does he/she look like?"

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