14 April 2014

The Ledger Awards 2014

A great thing has happened... The Ledger Awards have been resurrected again!

Last Friday was the relaunch after many years in hiatus. It was held at a beautiful room in the classy State Library of Victoria. It was a perfect size for a large gathering. From Q&A's to Awards, to speeches and mingling with friends and fellow creators. It was perfect. The acoustics were great too.

Another great MC'ing job by Australian comics' go-to orator... Bernard Caleo.

James Andre (Milk Shadow Books), and Matilda.

Gary Chaloner

The ring-leaders of the night, Gary Chaloner and Tim McEwen.

Wolfgang Bylsma, accepting numerous awards on behalf of the many creators who won awards under his publishing house, GESTALT.

Bruce Mutard. One of the most deserving winners (in my view). He embodies all the attributes and ethics I try and follow as a creator myself... I simply love this man's work.

The two organisers of Supanova Australia. Tim McEwen and (I keep forgetting his name)?

A very nice Q&A by Emmet O'Cuana (right) with Ben Templesmith (left).


John Petropolous.

I was fortunate enough to win an award on the night... probably due to my greatest supporter there, Paul Bedford. When i hit it big, Paul, I'll buy you a burger at Mc Donald's mate... any burger you want.

Accepting Ben Hutchings' award was the hilarious, David Blummenstein.

The other creator I hoped would be showered with gold, Tim Molly, was... He won two awards. He has a haunting Moebius-style to his work... and he's a workhorse to boot.

Pat Grant took out the big award for 2013. This guy had made some very big splashes in the last few years.

Tim McEwen.

Who. is. this. cool. guy. with. Tim?

I went to the awards on a whim to support my comic friends and take a few photos. I was sitting in front of the podium taking photos when my name was announced, so I was surprised and humbled to win a Gold Ledger for my book DIGESTED #2. Thanks to all that voted for it and thought it worthy.

This award comes at a great time in my life. You see - in the name of writing and drawing more comics - I've just quit my full-time job and have gone part-time. I'm really looking forward to giving my creative work the time it deserves.

Thanks for the recognition everyone... I'll repay you all with new work soon!

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