27 April 2014

Homecooked Comics Festival 2014

I made my way down to the Homecooked Comics Festival at the Northcote Town Hall today. I love this little comics gig.

It's intimate, fun and - predominantly - all about self-published comics and mini-comics. Because this is a smaller event (think 'flea-market'), I had an easy time chatting to all my comic-creating friends, and browsed many beautiful little comics.

Ben Hutchings

Brendan Hallyday

Darren Close

Matt Emery

Sitting behind the MilkShadow table for a little while. I almost sold a book. Ah well, next time.

Philip Bentley

Bruce Mutard

I got to chat a little with some comic book creators and bought some nice little booklets. The Homecooked Comics Festival is such a great event. I'm putting this one in the calendar for next year. Hopefully I'll have a new book on offer by then.

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