27 March 2014

Big Arse #4

On the 15th of March, the BIG ARSE #4 comics launch happened. It was great chatting to some faces I hadn't seen in ages. Some really nice comics we on offer too. All new books from Australia's premier comic book creators.

Here are some photos from the day...

Photo by Sue.B

Steve Sparke (FEC Comics)

The friendly comics creators were there signing their books.

The proud MC for the event, Mr Larry Boxshall (NonCanonical).

The main organiser, Brendan Halyday... and MC Larry Boxshall.

Jason Franks.

Such a natural looking shot.

It was a pretty full audience. A really nice vibe.

Larry did a great job asking the creators questions about their books, and ad-libbing to get the most out of them. Real entertaining... Onya, Laz.

Thanks to all the busy people behind the tables for their efforts. The creators, organisers, cash collectors and assistants... you guys were all great.

Smiles all around.

Photo by Sue.B

What a great event it was. See you all there next year... hopefully with a new book of my own.

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