09 December 2013

Comics meetup: 7 Dec 2013

With a couple of new cameras in hand, I was itching to record this year's final comics meetup in style. And the day didn't disappoint :)

Given the initial Facebook response, around 50-60 people stated they'd show up, and it turned out to be pretty accuarate. I'd say more like 40-50 showed up through the course of the afternoon. It was great.

During the week, my driveway was teeming with frogs right after the rain. Just thought you should know.

Anyway, have a great holiday break & new year. See you all in 2014!

05 August 2013

The Sixsmiths

I recently finished illustrating a short 6-page story for my friend, Jason Franks. My short piece will appear in Jason's second edition of The Sixsmiths, which Jason writes, and which this time has a myriad of artists illustrating each chapter of the book... Quite a novel idea!

Be sure to check it out on Jason's site, and I'll keep you posted here when it's out.

09 July 2013

OzComic con 2013

The venue was great, the crowd was decent, and as usual, I had a ball hanging out with my comic friends. The Exhibition Buildings (this year's venue) was expansive enough to hold the various crowds and allowed the con the ability to arrange the show in a comfortable spacial way (unlike trying to cram everything into one monolithic space. Every exhibitor seemed to agree, and the old building gave off a warm feel that suited the event... It was great.

Here's a few pictures to tell the story...