03 July 2012

Oz Comic Con 2012 - (Melbourne)

Hand on my heart... this was the BEST and big convention I've been to ever! It was insanely packed with talented comic folk (as well as tv and entertainment celebrities), and almost every comics seller I spoke to, either sold out, or came close. It was IN.SANE.

A friendly guy with an English accent came up to the Gestalt booth and started talking to myself and Andrew Constant. Soon we discovered that he was the one-and-only Paul Peart-Smith... a 90s artist of 2000AD. Paul is not only a great artist, but one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

What a sight... two former 2000AD artists, Paul Peart-Smith and Colin Wilson... having a yak about the old days.

The smooth, Christian Read.

"Like, stop ogling me... I'm not a piece of meat."

Nick and the film crew were such nice people to work with. They filmed from morning til night... Always smiling.

FEC Comics.

Wall-to-wall... chock-a-block.

The master of sketches... Ben Hutchings...

... drawing this lucky kid.

You with the camera... Get out!

Gary Lau (Back at last!) and Jason Franks.

Tristan Jones, Paul Mason and Chew Chan.

I was lucky enough to have access to the green room where I ate some fine food. While I ate, on my right were Colin Wilson and Wayne Nichols (above)... and to my left was Stewart McKenny and Star Trek's Patrick Stewart. Yes, HIM... but I know from experience that celebrities don't like their photos taken without permission (and because of the copyrights surrounding their image, etc), so I was respectful and didn't swing my camera to the left.

Tom Taylor... Standing next to the characters he brings to life. I mean, how many people will EVER get to feel this sensation... really.

Gestalt Comics sold out of Torn, Eldritch Kid and The Deep...! Only a few Digested and Changing Ways were left on the table. They killed sales!

THE Fil Barlow...! One of Australia's greatest talents sitting behind the Milk Shadow Books table.

The Milk Shadow Books table.

Women cannot resist Stewart McKenny... and creepy beanbags cannot resist Fil's books.

The organisers of Oz Comic Con have truly created an awesome big convention. It blows anything else out of the water in this country. No contest.

  • Sitting behind the Gestalt booth with their wonderful crew, selling books.
  • Sitting behind the Milk Shadow Books table selling their great books.
  • Eating meatballs, one seat away from Patrick Stewart.
  • Meeting and talking to all the truly great and interesting readers through the 2 days.
  • Catching up (however briefly) with friends.
  • Skimpy outfits on fit women... not the other ones.
  • Comics!
Til next time.

- Bobby.N

PS: Next weekend is the monthly comics meetup in Melbourne. Come along and have a drink. It's a casual get-together between comic readers, writers and illustrators. No secret handshake required... just come along:

WHERE: THE PRINCE ALFRED HOTEL: 191 Grattan Street, Carlton, Melbourne.
WHEN: 2pm - 6pm.


Anonymous said...

That 'lucky kid' posing for the sketch with Ben H is my boy! Thanks very much. Melb Comic con was brilliant, and you helped make it so. We will be back.

Tom Bonin said...

Do you mean 2000AD?

Bobby.N said...

Thanks, Anonymous...! and thanks for the correction, Tom... fixed now.