02 June 2012

Comics meetup - [02.06.2012]

Again, a nice solid turnout of people this month.

The ever-drawing, Darren Close.

Colin Wilson brought along his slip-cased volumes of JOUR J (of which, he did volume #5)... all beautiful books.

Inspecting the linework reproduction on some of the stories.


Trevor Wood and David Blummenstien.

Paul Bedford...

... the clingy girlfriend.

I swear, it's this big.

Discussions in the cold winter air.

Bruce Mutard

I picked up two excellent comics from this month's comics meetup... Colin Wilson & Tom Taylor's WORK TO DO story in 'Rocketeer Adventures 2', and Paul Bedford & J. Marc Schmidt's THE DAY I STOPPED. Both great stories. Highly recommended.

- Bobby.N

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