06 May 2012

Free comic book day 2012

It was a cold and raining Saturday, but it was also International Free Comic Book Day.

I, along with a few other locals, were proud to have rotating sketching duties for customers and fans at ALL STAR COMICS Melbourne. So I got up that morning, had my toast, coffee, and I headed down with my beanie and pens...

I arrived to n absolutely PACKED 'Free Comic Book Day' at AllStar Comics... There was a line waiting to get into the store that snaked out into the street... Insane!

This was the LEAST crowded part of the store... way in the back. You can see some of the cartoonists sketching for customers in the back.

Taking a break a few doors down at a local Japanese joint... Sorry Trev... I just had to post this one.

Back at the comic book store, artists were still scribbling for fans and shoppers.

Darren Close

Brendan Halyday

Chris McQuinlan sketching for fans.

Me asking, "Anyone want a free sketch...? Anyone?
( Photo courtesy of Paul Bedford's iPhone)

The proud owner of a Colin Wilson sketch...

... Jeezus, Colin... how the hell can anyone compete with THIS so-called 'sketch'?!

Later... Most of us cartoonists gathered at the regular place (The Prince Alfred Hotel) for drinks, food, comics, finished artwork, sketches and conversation.

While the rest of us simple illustrators wore t-shirts at AllStar's 'Free Comics Day' sketchings, Trevor Wood (right) outshun us all in his spiffy suit... Genius!

Larry Boxshall, looking at Paul Bedford's THE LIST graphic novel.

The insanely talented comics artist, Dean Bhishma Rankine (who's got a story in the current Simpon's MILLHOUSE comic), sitting next to another talented comics author, Frank Candiloro.

FEC COMICS's head, Steve Sparkes.

Long time local cartoonist, Daniel Reed, has a graphic novel coming out though a big publisher soon... Stay tuned.

Paul Bedford and Colin Wilson reminding me of how low I was in missing Paul and Fleur's big day last weekend... I know, I know. I'm a heel.

I quickly handed my camera to Dean Bhishma Rankine, and he did his best to take this shot of Colin Wilson (trying to keep a straight face) while Paul Bedford twists one of his body parts, off camera...

Paul Bedford and Dean Bhishma Rankine.

NonCanonical's, Larry Boxshall (checking his share portfolio) and Joey Morris.

THE Hector Bustnuts.

Daniel Reed.

As you can see by the photos above, there isn't much to say except that you had to (and SHOULD) have been there. I had so much fun talking with fans and fellow cartoonists that I hadn't seen in AGES, all because of this great Free Comics thing... It was a day to remember.

- Bobby.N

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