21 April 2012

Supanova 2012 (Melbourne)

Last weekend's fantasic Melbourne Supanova convention was really one for the diary... Seriously one of the best I'd been to EVER. I hung out with and talked to so many great people, signed and sketched  for fans, and generally had a ball. The weather was perfect too... One couldn't have asked for more.

Here are some photo's I snapped of the great weekend...

Gestalt publishing head, Wolfgang Bylsma (right) talking to public.

Paul Mason, pressing the flesh... probably saying, "Mate, you're huge!"

Ghostbusters and Turtles artist, Tristan Jones.

A bedhead... get it?

Super-talented, Ben Hutchings was a Yoda at sketching for people on Saturday... simply awesome!

Paul Bedford's coffee cups were not filled with coffee... just so you know.

Wolfgang Bylsma (Gestalt publishing head honcho)

Some of my books on sale.

Gary Edwards - Gestalt Editor.

It's hard to take a good photo with Gary taking money from the public every second :)

Aussie comics legend... Tim McKewen. As if I didn't think highly enough of the guy, from his seminal GREENER PASTURES comics days, but Tim's also one of the co-founders of the actual Supanova event we were all standing in... Spinout!

Tom Taylor.

Annabelle giving me the thumbs up. I talked with Annabelle for a while about one of my other passions... photography.

My favorite time to take photos is at sun-up or down... its magic time.

Deep in thought.

Chris Sequeira and Paul Mason.

The super talented, Stewart McKenny.

After the doors closed on Saturday's Supanova, a few of us headed down to a nearby pizza joint to eat... guess what?

Didn't it just look like a fun night...? Paul's mood picked up after her locked lips with his mistress...

... Stella.

The following Sunday morning was started waith a "EAAaeeeghhhh!" by  James Andre (MilkShadow Books CEO).

One of the illustrators, Henry Pop and Paul Bedford (writer) were selling their collected 4-issue THE LIST in one gigantic phonebook. The other illustrator of the book is Tom Bonin. A beautiful culmination to years of hard work. Go and buy one now from here.

Local legend, Colin Wilson.

James Andre (Milk Shadow Books head) and Scarlette Baccini (Zombalette writer/artist) enjoy the con from behind the Milk Shadow booth.


I also had a long and interesting chat with David (to the right of Scarlette in the photo above) from NERDCULTUREPODCAST, who also interviewed me that day for his show.

Listen to NERDCULTUREPODCAST: episode #22.
(Interviews with Ben Hutchings, Bobby.N (Me), and Brian Michael Bendis!)


Stewart McKenny.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artist, Tristan Jones (left) talking to a turtles fan.

The only local comics author who can out-bench me... Paul Mason.

Is that shaved head, Bendis?

The most ballsy cosplay outfit I've seen at a con.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: In WW2, the Nazi's commissioned none other than Hugo Boss to design their uniforms... No wonder their 'brand' was so slick.

This one's for you, Paul.

The drive home on sunday night.

Special thanks to my publishers, Milk Shadow Books & Gestalt Publishing for pushing my books this weekend, the signings and sketching for fans, and generally being great guys.

- Bobby.N


Anonymous said...

I had a picture drawn of me by Ben, it was hilarious! SupaNova Melbourne was FANTABULOUSLY AMAZING!

Don Hudson said...

That con seems like it's a great time! Nice group of people.