19 March 2012

Non Canonical episode 100!

This past Saturday, I had a blast at the recording of NonCanonical's 100th. It was done live at Melbourne's AllStar Comics store. As expected, it was absolutely awesome. Click here and choose episode 100 in their archive.

I decided to get there a little early so I might take a few 'pre' show snaps, and ran past a cool little art market.

Anyway... just as I got to All Star Comics, some of the guys were heading out to a nearby foodcourt, so I tagged along.

As they started to tuck into their cuisine... I decided to head back to the store and settle in before it got too full.

Everything was in place for a great show...

Many of the regulars we sitting in the back of the store yakking away.

Attention everyone...!

... we're testing the mics.

Tristan Jones looking gobsmacked at Katie's artwork on the wall... and Katie Houghton-Ward day-dreaming of a beer.

Let the show begin!

Katie's awesome artwok was on sale

Katie Houghton-Ward lookin all 'corporate'.

Serious comic book discussions.

David Blummenstein.

Steve Sparkes (FEC Comics)

Troy (All Star owner), standing guard.

A camera, taking a photo of another camera.

"No way!?"

Tim Eyles, filming.

Larry Boxshall.

... F. U. D.


Trevor Wood, embarrassed.

Josh, Kane and Joe.

Near the end of the show.

Larry's 'Coop' style shoes... and Sparky trying to compete (on the right).

Kane (left), me (middle), and Joe (right).
(Phot courtesy of Tim Eyles)

It was NonCanonical's best show yet...! well done guys. Here's to another 100.

- Bobby.N

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