29 March 2012

DRIVE - Episode.01

One of my absolute favorite topics is creativity and the ideas surronding it.

And so it was that Paul Bedford came over to my place the other night to work on his secret comics project. After having a pizza, and working on comics, it was time to get busy with Paul... but I was having my period, so we had to be content with just talking.

Here's what went down when I turned on the mic:

DRIVE - Episode.01
Tea sipping - Why do comics? - What protagonists annoy Bobby - What kind of writing Paul and Bobby enjoy - Game of Thrones vs 24 - The line between comics and film/screen writing - The pointless 'Graphic Novel' debate - Why publish? - Standing behind one's work - Bobby compliments Paul (and the podcast gets its name) - Bobby hates the modern anti-hero.


David Bird said...

An engaging conversation.
Getting past the joking around, You and Paul have some interesting things to say about the nature of stories, the 'dumbing down'of the mainstream mass audience, the motivations to write/tell a story, taking ownership of your publication, and the shortcomings of current films.
For something more satisfying than DRIVE, I would recommend:
Shane Meadow's DEAD MAN'S SHOES,
The Red Riding Trilogy - 74, 80 and 83,
and (if you haven't already seen them) Ridley Scott's THE DUELLISTS,
and Peckinpah's THE WILD BUNCH.

Tom Bonin said...

I walked out on spending a night with my friends that I hadn't seen for a year or more because of Drive. I watched about 20mins. As you said - I had comics to make, not watch some shit and not even converse with my mates.

Tom Bonin said...

Compliment me, too.