04 March 2012


Forget the big comic conventions. If you're selling your comic at these big cons (which is an apt name), you end up paying $220+ for a small table (and $200+ insurance on top of THAT!), and you don't even break even on your costs... AAAND you have to slog through the whole weekend for your troubles. (Not to mention the $25(min) cover-charge that punters have to pay to get into the venue.)... it's all too much.

The BIG ARSE Booklaunch (Held early each year in Melbourne) is different. If you are a creator, then it's THE place to launch your new comic book or graphic novel. It's free for the public to enter, and if you're selling a comic book on the day, it costs you almost nothing to have your book on the tables. It's a no-brainer.

Well, anyway... the big day arrived yesterday... BIG ARSE #2 was officially on.

Before the book launch, however, a few of us decided to meet up down the road at a small bar a few hours before the event.

Frank Candiloro.

I stuck a few microphones under our noses while we looked forward to the day ahead. Be a fly on the wall and have a listen for yourself:

Not too long after, it was time to head on down to SENTIDO FUNF for the big event.

Set up at SENTIDO FUNF: 1.00pm

Sticking up posters and having a laugh before the event.

Peter Foster taking notes and preparing.

Darren Close.

Matt Emery.

The place slowly started to fill up shortly after.

Most of the SQUISHFACE STUDIO mob... and others.

While processing the photos on my computer screen afterwards, I noticed that Ben Hutchings was posing for this photo from way back behind the tabels... somehow he just knew it was a Squishface photo... what a switched-on comedy genius.

Troy (left)... one of the owners of ALL STAR COMICS in Melbourne (and sponsor of this event) with me.
[ - ] Photo taken by the steady and lubricated hands of
THE Ben Michael Byrne.

Larry Boxshall (who wrote the funny intro to my new book NO MAP, BUT NOT LOST), from the famous NonCanonical podcast.

Kane from NonCanonical.

Colin Wilson.

Tim Molloy (centre) and Scarlette Baccini (right)

James Andre (Head of MILK SHADOW BOOKS).

Darren Close.

Steve Sparke, from FEC Comics (left).

After buying some great comics, people sat down in the luxurious beer-garden and read.

Tim Molloy and James Andre.

Ben Hutchings.

Our books were selling hand over fist. (Thanks to Matilda, Ben Hutchings and others who did most of the counter-time that day.)

Ben Michael Byrne (Writer/Artist of KRANBURN)... sending me a message... and reminding me why I think of the 'sexy stud' in Clerks II every time I see him.

Chew Chan... who flew down from Sydney just to be here. What a great guy.

Bruce Mutard (left) and Paul Bedford (right).

Chew Chan and Bernard Caleo.

Peter Foster.

An intro by Bruce Mutard.

Bernard Caleo.. who did a predictably awesome job of MC'ing the event. Thanks, Bernard.

Professional comic book writer, Tom Taylor (right).

Ben Michael Byrne meticulously sketching for a fan.

David Blumenstein (middle)

Brendan Halyday.

Matt Emery (left-centre) talking to Larry Boxshall (right-centre), with Joey Morris (foreground-right).


Jason Franks... with his hat. (As requested).

What an awesome event!

Given the phenomenal success of last year's BIG ARSE Book Launch, we anticipated (and crossed our fingers) for a similar turnout... but it ended up being even better. The comics culture in Melbourne is a MONSTER!

Lets do it again next year!

- Bobby.N


David Bird said...

Great to see that Big Arse 2 was an even bigger event than last year. Melbournians will turn out, despite the weather, if they really want to.
Hopefully it also translated into sales across the table for everyone.

Picked up Digested 5 while I was there, and quite enjoyed it.

Quite liked the design and 'feel'of No Map and Strip Show as well.

Bobby.N said...

Thanks, David.

I saw you arrive, but you were gone before I could say hello. I hope you had fun anyway.

Yes, NO MAP, BUT NOT LOST turned out really nicely. Real nice 'feeling' book. I'm wrapped.

- B.