19 February 2012

The Sticky Zine Fair 2012 - [12.02.2012]

Despite staying up the previous night until 3.30am, getting my book NO MAP, BUT NOT LOST finished for the printer's deadline, I was able to muster the will-power of actually waking up in the late morning to attend the Sticky Institute Zine Fair at the Melbourne Town Hall.

My new toy, the NEX-5n, arrived in the post the day before, so I clicked on my trusty 50mm Rokkor lens, and took it along to the fair...

I sat next to the prolofic, Jason Franks

David Blummenstein and Jo Waite

Frank Candiloro signing for an excited Marta Tesoro

A long-table of Melbourne's finest cartoonists

Trevor Wood and Larry Boxshall

Bernard Caleo was there with his brand new comic, Mongrel 1

Matilda, and James Andre (Milk Shadow Books).

Jase Harper's new comic GUH! #5 was the standout comic at the show (for me anyway)... great stuff.

I picked up some great local comics and things that day... and has an absolute ball.

- Bobby.N

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