13 February 2012

My new book

It's my new 200 page book that collects all of my previous self-published work and short stories. Some stories in here people may have seen already, like WITHHELD, but others were exhumed from dusty drawers... never meant for anyone's eyes but mine, until now. From the early embarrassing days where I'm finding my voice, up until today. From amateur scribbling to a more refined line. A chronological record of one ordinary guy getting better on paper, over the years, by following his heart.

NO MAP, BUT NOT LOST will hit the world (through publisher, Milk Shadow Books) at the upcoming BIG ARSE Comics Launch #2 on 3-March-2012. So if you're in Melbourne, come on down, say hello, and I'll sketch and sign in every single copy that people buy (if they want me to). Promise.

The book even features an introduction by the one and only Larry Boxshall! So what are you waiting for...? Mark it on your calendar and be there!

- Bobby.N


agent_x said...

How much will the book retail for?

Bobby.N said...

Cost of the book will be: $17.99 US / $19.99 Au

- B.