11 January 2012

Squishface Studio

I dropped into Squishface Studio today. A small collective of comic book artists and illustrators have set up residence in Brunswick... and what an awesome idea it is... there should be SO much more of this.

Marta Tesoro (left)

David Blumenstein's work-bench of inspiration.

Katie Houghton-ward dropped in on the way to her own studio. (Seems like everyone's got one these days.)

Katie, Marta, Arran.

Networking... and scheming schemes.

Click on the image above to see it larger.

A farewell to Ben and the studio.

Oh, by the way... Squishface Studio is having their official grand opening in a few weeks...

309 Victoria St, Brunswick, Victoria 3056
Thurs 26th Jan
4pm - 11pm

Be there.

- Bobby.N

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