27 January 2012

The Squishface Studio launch

While Squishface Studio have been operating for a small while, they had their official opening recently on Australia Day (26.01.12)... and it was frickin brilliant!

Everyone was enjoying the late afternoon.

Ben's genius.

It was so full inside, that people had to spill outside.

Inside, it was full and steamy.

Ben Hutchings & friend... Ben just got interviewed on the world-famous NonCanonical podcast (episode #93). Go and listen to it... Ben's awesome!

Larry Boxshall and James Andre.

Right back achya, Joe.

Brandan Halyday deep in drawn literature.

A great location for the studio too... just a block up from one of Brunswick's busiest roads, yet avoiding it's noise and traffic... Perfect.

David Blummenstien.

Joey Morris.

Tristan Jones.


Lucy and Colin Wilson.

Larry Boxshall and his new stash.

Two of Squishface Studio's resident artists, David Blummenstein and Marta Tesoro.

Oi, David!

Larry and his green obsession.


If a picture tells a thousand words... then I've said quite enough already.

- Bobby.N


Anonymous said...

You take such loverly pictures.

Andrei B said...

It was an incredible launch - my mouth dropped when I turned the corner and saw the crowd gathered.