15 January 2012

A Saturday of comic events...

A full day of comic book events were on offer in Melbourne this Saturday (14.01.12)...mainly, Marvel's gallery showing of David Yardin's artwork, and later on, the first Melbourne comics meetup of 2012. First off was David Yardin's Marvel gallery showing and spray art battle...

The line to get in ran the length of the street.

Once inside, I quickly spotted a familiar face; Colin Wilson... and he introduced me to the man of the hour, David Yardin. (Colin & David in photo above)

David on stage with a microphone...and given the RARE occasion of actually having this comic book professional grace our Melbourne scene for one-day-only, the crowd came prepared with deep and profound questions like, "Which superhero would you like to be?"

Pro-filming from the roof with a t3i.

Ben John Smith.

The local comics professionals in our great and vibrant scene...but uh, who's the broad giving me the fingers in the background?

Josh and Tristan.

Most people were crowded around the Marvel movie posters that lined the entrance to the gallery, holding up their iPhones and snapping pictures...

...rather than crowding around David's superb original artwork. This should infer something about the calibre of people that attended this event.

David Yardin's original artwork. (Are you 'green' with envy Larry...? get it...? GET IT?!)

After some time at the Marvel event I headed down to our monthly comics meetup, which was held at Sentido Funf this time as our regular watering hole was closed. The gang was all there.

Bruce Mutard.

Steve Sparkes.

More of the guys from the Marvel event trickled in later to make it another great/full turn-out.

The ever-cool, Frank Candiloro

The chops of Kane

Tom Taylor.

Deals being made in a MSB pow-wow.

Jason Franks.

A burger...

...and Colin Wilson, wiping his mouth five minutes later. You'll notice (just past Jason's envious stare), that we had to share the venue with a lady's hens party. The strange things that women consider 'fun'. Go figure.

Tristan Jones and Kane.

Was a great day choc full of comics... particularly the meetup afterwards. Lots of cool conversations with folk, but I didn't get to speak to enough people. Next time.

A small group of us stayed late into the evening talking about comics writing and the lifestyle therein. It was a gas.

- Bobby.N


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Paulo Befordo said...

Damn it! I was so looking forward to that day - more so hanging out with you blokes, but I did a bloke thing myself: realised that I had forgotten about arranging wedding stuff with Fleur. Comics Vs Wedding. Guess which one wins? Looked like an awesome day. Much better than hanging out with some chick who I have to hang out with for the rest of my life! ;)