05 December 2011

The final meetup of 2011

About 40 people turned up to this last Melbourne comic meetup of 2011, which also doubled as a send-off for Greg Gates.

Kranburn creator Ben Michael Byrne was signing his newly released comic for a fan.

I'm not sure if John Retallick is angry, disgusted, or lustful

The man of the moment... Greg Gates

Bruce Mutard giving Greg a farewell, before presenting us all with copies of the comic 'Geg #1' (Made especially for Greg's farewell.)

(Panorama photo taken from Colin Wilson's iPhone)

Greg#1 (middle above) was a free comic given out during this meetup to ALL who attended. It features comics, words, pinups and art from many Australian comic-creators as a tribute to the great man.

Greg lapped it up.

Skinheads planning who they're going to bash.

Bruce Mutard and Philip Bentley

Daniel Reed

Paul Bedford has only recently started drinking again... and is trying to remember how.

A prerequisite for working on The List is that you have to be well-adjusted.

The best in the business.

Jason Franks.

The farewell dinner for Greg. Ingredients were: (1) Great company (2) Comics talk (3) A bitchy waitress

Deciding on what to eat.

Brendan Hallyday doing the 'Jimbo'

Matt Emery

Greg Gates (above) will sorely be missed by all of us regulars who have come to know him as a friend and solid voice/proponent of the medium. When I first came to these meetups there were only a handfull of us who attended. Often no more than 2-5 people... now we average anywhere from 25-45 at every gathering. Greg's love of the medium and desire to gather with like-minded comic-nuts is the reason for it's current success.

When I first (timidly) stuck my head into these comic meets, Greg was the first objective voice to see potential in my work and give me encouragement... something I'll always be grateful for.

Thanks Greg... all the best mate.

- Bobby.N

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