13 November 2011

Melbourne comics meetup [ 05.11.2011 ]

Last Saturday I had a ticket to sit in on an intimate chat with author/illustrator/director, Shaun Tan. The talk was on at 12-noon, and the comics meetup was at 2pm. I could fit both in comfortably. Nice!

The chat was all about the film and books of THE LOST THING. Shaun went through a lot of the thinking behind the book and the animated short film. It was quite edifying.

The only let down was the audience questions at the end. There was only room for about five (and no, my hand wasn't lucky enough to get chosen) - and so it went - that aside from the first question (which was fairly interesting I must admit), the rest were variations of, "How do you get such wonderul ideas?", to "Im a student film maker, and I've found the cultural pre-suppositions that may negate.... [ insert paragraph of self-important hipster jargon ] " to  "Can you show us what you're working on ?"... Aaugh! What a freakin waste of carbon dioxide, when we have a genius in front of us. Anyway, forget it... Shaun was just great.

After the Shaun Tan event, I strolled down to this month's comic book meetup. It was awesme... as usual.

A fair few of the regulars were up in Bris-Vegas this weekend for the Supanova Expo, so this meetup was missing some ugly faces... but never fear...! we're brought the December meetup forward, and are having another (2nd) comics meetup on the 26th November (yes, that's TWO meetups this month!)... primarily to get all the regulars together to say farewell to our close comics buddy, Greg Gates.

Yes, THE Greg Gates who began these Melbourne comic book meetups from the very begining. The guy who helped start Minotaur Bookstore back in the day. The guy who has been an un-wavering comics fan, creator, and activist throughout the decades. Ol' reliable Gatesy!

So, come along and say goodbye to a wonderful guy... before he heads across to the elephant graveyard of Adelaide.

This will probably be the last comics meetup of the year (I think)... so do come along if you can.

- Bobby.N

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What were you going to ask Shaun Tan?