18 November 2011

Last Friday night...

... I swung down to POLYESTER Books on Brunswick St to catch Koraly Dimitriadis and Ben John Smith. Great ball-sy (and ovary-sy) poetry by both.

A packed POLYESTER store listened, laughed and gasped.

Ben John Smith, Polyester owner (?), and Koraly Dimitriadis

On the way back to my car, I saw this fucking machine. Ah, my testosterone shot up immediately! Who needs Viagra, eh...? This Ford XB Coupe has been a secret desire of mine since my father worked on the Broadmeadows production line of the XB Cobras back in the early 1970s.

Now, THIS is poetry to me.

- Bobbyn.N


Trev Wood said...

My wife's father worked there too for 32 years. The XB was definitely the top of the heap

Koraly Dimitriadis said...

thanks for the review! Koraly