05 October 2011

A night of comics and art - [04.10.11]

About the only reason I use Facebook is to stay up to date with comic book related events. Just recently, I'd gotten one of those Facebook invites telling me about how some local Melbourne illustrators are showing drawings/art of TinTin as a homage in some pub window. Sounded cool, so I went down.

The familiar faces inside told me to check out the TinTin exhibition in the front pub window...

... so I did. Great works by some of Melbourne's best cartoonists. This will still be in the pub window for a little while, so get on down and have a look. (681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC).

Though it's hard to tell from all the reflection, the illustrations done are beautiful. Joe Waite's main piece (above) was the standout for me... Brilliant.

Greg Gates and Gregory Mackay

The calm, and talented, Pat Grant.

Looking as though he's about to auction off the pub, Bernard Caleo launches the opening of I Love TinTin.

Bernard's attentive crowd.

Even after offering lollies, this boy wouldn't get into my car.

A serious TinTin conversation.

No one looks cooler than Bernard Caleo.

David Blumenstein's piece

The Comic Spot's, John Retallick

Greg Gates

At around 8pm, Greg Gates and I left to catch the tail end of Tim Molloy's opening night of MONKEY SHRINE at 'The Old Bar' on Johnston St, Fitzroy. It's upstairs in the bar, so again, go check it out.

Tim's work in this exhibition is GORGEOUS. Very Moebius-like (which is a compliment).

Greg and I only missed the official launch by an hour or so, but already 85% of the works had been sold! (ie. All with  a red sticker were spoken for.) - Well done Tim!

You can see why almost everything sold like hotcakes... it's stunning.

- Bobby.N

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