18 October 2011

Comics meetup in Melbourne [ 08.10.12 ]

Sparky and Frank

Cefn Ridout

Greg Gates (above left) showing me a book that Angelo (above right) brought in. The book is by Spanish cartoonist 'Carlos Giménez' and is absolutely brilliant. Can't seem to find it in English though, which is a shame.

Look who taken the mantle from Jason Franks as 'guy drinking beer at meetups'... none other than Frank Candiloro.

Darren Close brought Frank Miller's latest controversial book in, HOLY TERROR. Flicking through it quickly impressed me. Harks back to the first Sin City novel... but Colin Wilson sitting next to me was so appauled by Franks' views in this book that he won't even look at it on principle... Damn, talk about making me want to READ it now!

Comic book stars Tom Taylor and Tristian Hugh Jones (centre back)

Another full turnout.

Brendan Hallyday

Legend and gentleman... Colin Wilson.

James Andre (left)

Trevor Wood (right) stealing Frank's beer. Just look at the frustration.

Greg Gates getting smashed.

Good times.

Later in the week (Wednseday night to be exact), I popped into the State Library where Bernard Caleo (top left) hosted the final COMIC CLUB for this year. I'd never been before, but managed to get to this one where the topic of discussion was Alison Bechdel's book, FUN HOME. A great, serious and intellectual chat on a comic book. Yes, we need more of this!



Gary Chaloner said...

Eighth pic down (under the Holy Terror pic), in the blurry foreground on the right... was that Fil Barlow?! Darren Close said he was there... wow.

Bobby.N said...

Fil Barlow was there? No idea. Must ask Darren.