30 September 2011

Walking to Japan

Last Tuesday night saw the offical launch of Ben Hutchings freakin AWESOME new newspaper-sized comic; WALKING TO JAPAN.

It was held at The Toff Building on Swanston Street in Melbourne's centre.

Up the cool ghetto stairs...

... and into the rockin book launch.

Pat Grant, was doing a reading of his soon to be released graphic novel BLUE later that evening.

Larry Boxshall.

I swear, the brothel lighting (whilst moody and cool) was HELL to photograph in. I had to shoot with my lens wide open and the ISO cranked as high as it would go for a usable photo. It was like being in the movie ALIENS where they're trapped in operations.

Rebecca Clements

James Andre, Pat Grant and Andrew Fulton.

Ben's magazine comic was a hit.

What is Ben thinking?

Many local cartoonists came by to show support.

Ben was cranking out the signatures and pressing the flesh.

Writer, Poet, and head of publishing at Milk Shadow Books... James Andre.

Everyone had a great night. Congrats to Ben & James for launching such a beautiful comic in a classic big newspaper format. Go buy it!


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