19 September 2011

Non Canonical #75 - LIVE!

The legendary comics podcast NonCanonical recorded their 75th episode LIVE this Saturday night just gone. It was held at Melbourne's premier comic book store, All Star Comics (Level-1, 410 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000). The place was going to be locked down at 5pm for the recording, so everyone who wanted to be part of this awesome event had to be punctual.

I got there about 4.35pm, and the place was already PACKED! This tells you the cult-appeal of this show (just locally anyway)... but imagine the other fans (interstate/international) who couldn't make it?! Makes you think, hmm?

A fantastic piece of framed art of the store owners/associates hanging on one of the shop walls.

A Nikon snapper.

Larry Boxshall was hilarious...

... and rallied the audience in the funniest ways.

Trevor Wood showed me the shameless (and sleazy) advertising used in modern superhero comics today. I literally couldn't tell where the comic story stopped and the advertising began. There are times I MAY take a pessimistic look at a superhero title (usually based on a NonCanonical's recommendation), but things like this just make me more of a cynic. Jesus this is bad stuff.

Joe's pull-list.

Kane was great.



Kane flicking through Josh's pull-list item Infinite Kung Fu... it's HUGE!

Q&A with booze all around.

Josh's pull-list pile showing his other favorite - BATMAN: YEAR ONE.

The comic store was packed with people all the way to the ceiling! A real sight.

Mick Rule.

Trevor Wood.

Visionary store owners Troy & Mitch.

The store's owners; Mitch and Troy (pictured above) thanking people.

Hang on a sec... wasn't Troy just wearing a black 'Hellboy' t-shirt earlier?... and how did he change so quickly?... and without messing his perfectly groomed appearance?!

Thanks to ALL STAR COMICS for opening their doors to us all, and to NON CANONICAL for having us there for their show. I had an absolute ball, as I'm sure everyone did.

Listen to the show yourself here!



Frank Candiloro said...

I've been giving this a lot of thought, and I reckon the NonCanonical guys should come to every Melbourne comic meetup, set up a table in the corner of the pub and record episodes for our amusement. Ah I can dream. ;)

It was a great night, and a great podcast. I feel that Noncanonical has become a vital part of the local comics community. Here's to many more episodes.

Greg H said...

And I can dream they do a road trip and the first stop is Adelaide…