28 September 2011

DIGESTED.05 cover - (pt.4)

Cover is done... now I just need to write a short intro for the inside cover, and it's off to the publisher. Lets hope I can get it printed in time for Armageddon!

UPDATE: [3.46pm]
While I do want the protagonist to stand out in this cover, I think a slight shadow falling over his face would more realistically render the scene... as well as add to the forboding shadow being cast over the crowd.

So... (ahem)... THIS is the final cover.



Frank Candiloro said...

You completely nailed it! Excellent work.

Ryan Claytor said...

Seriously, you killed this cover, Bobby. Excellent work. Now quit with the teasing and make it for sale already! :)

Lookin' forward to Digested #5,
Ryan Claytor
Elephant Eater Comics

Ben said...

Beautiful colours and detail! The new shadow makes it.