22 September 2011

DIGESTED.05 cover - (pt.1)

Remember in my previous post, where I was really happy with myself on the final result of a panel...? well, carma has bitten me on the arse, because THIS proposed cover for the next issue (below left) isn't working for me... and I only just realised it after inking the f#!king page... Well, that's what I get for being cocky a few days ago.

I realised that the proposed cover idea (above left) is too similar to the previous issue#3 cover (above right)... You know, similar street-level point of view of the protagonist in a crowd, etc. Even though I know that the colours and arrangement on this new cover are different, I just feel like I'm falling back on muscle memory and not really trying.

But that's ok, because I've already pencilled in another cover (below), and I recon it'll be a ripper (IF I can pull it off).

As you can see it'll be a very dense and complicated scene, but I'm hoping the payoff in the end will be worth it. Watch this space.



DaveMahler said...

woah! at first i was like "man, it's fine, it's looking great!" but that second cover looks like it's gonna be ripper! looking forward to it Bobby :)

Jason Franks said...

I don't think the old design is too similar to the previous issue's, but the new one looks like it'll be a lot bolder.

Can't wait to read the finished book!

Tom Bonin said...

The new cover design is much more interesting for sure. Though there is a problem for me in that the other side of the street to the people looks as though it's on a different plain. Maybe if you make the light post on the right hand side taller than the one (that looks) opposite it you'll stop the other side from floating high.
What do you reckon?

Bobby.N said...

In case you're right, Tom... I'm jamming the other side of the street up with cars, people and confusion so that one is unable to see a clear perspective line.

Slight of hand or laziness...? you decide ;)