30 July 2011

Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice is 12 local cartoonists crammed into a studio-like fishbowl at the Melbourne NGV Centre (in the Atrium) for all to see. It's a great idea, and kudos to the person/people who dreamt this idea up. Bravo.

For five weeks, these talented folk will be working on collaborative projects as well as their own independant work. Come in and say hello to the likes of M.P.Fikaris, Pat Grant, Michael Hawkins, Rebecca Clements, Sarah Howell, Mandy Ord, Simon Hanselman and Ben Hutchings.

A nice big window looks into the NGV studio.

Mandy Ord.

Rebecca Clements.

M.P.Fikaris, busy scribbling.

Pat Grant's an awesome talent, and he showed me a new way of spot-colouring comics in Photoshop.

Pat's books are simply gorgeous.

An INSANE wall full of drawings and stuff.

Had a nice chat to the talented Ben Hutchings.

Ben's unmistakable clean style.

The open and warm studio environment is gob-smacking. It makes me wish all of those 'we should' conversations with other cartoonists amounted to something when we constantly speak of collectively forming a cartoonist collective and hiring a studio space out. You can positively FEEL the warm creative glow from this space as a bunch of like-minded creatives put their heads down and get work done. It's definitely something we have to have PERMANENTLY here in Melbourne.

Anyway, pop down (it's FREE) and have a look at some of the BEST cartoonists working in Melbourne today. Watch them doodle, have a chat, and buy a do-hicky from them. They'll probably draw a little something on it for you as well!

M P Fikaris, Pat Grant, Michael Hawkins, Rebecca Clements, Sarah Howell, Mandy Ord, Simon Hanselman and Ben Hutchings
NGV Studio, the Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne 3000
-16th July - 14th August 2011
Cost: FREE, nothin, nada, zip, zinch.

I'll be updating this post each time I pop into NGV again (before this great event is over)... you should too!



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adi said...

I am SOOOO excited... definately going to pop in and bask in the inky fug next week. Such a good thing, thanks for your post.