03 July 2011

Comics Meetup [02.07.11]

Jesus. It's July already!? Time flies when you're busy.

I left home a little earlier yesterday morning so I could drop into ALL STAR COMICS (410 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000) to see if my publisher's delivery of my DIGESTED series had arrived on their shelves. As the elevator doors open to the first floor, Troy greets me and says that the shipment did come in last week, but that they've virtually all sold out (only one copy of #4 left). Good news and bad. Good news that they're selling (As Larry Boxshall used to say, like 'hotcakes'), and bad news that I didn't bring any fresh copies of DIGESTED to restock the shelves. Mental note for next time. Oh well... I did, however, manage to drop off some copies of my old self-published WITHHELD novella that I had in my bag, and made tracks for this month's meet.

What can I say about our monthly Melbourne comic meetups... I seem to voice the same praise and platitudes on this blog each and every post, but I can't help it.

It was already busy when I arrived.

Before long it was fairly crowded. Here's one side of the bar...

... and the other side... I think our mob took up about 80% of the place.

One of Colin Wilson's graphic novels, BULLET TO THE HEAD, is being made into a hollywood movie (Starring Sylvester Stallone)... Colin is checking the internet to make sure his name is on the credits :)

Larry Boxshall from NonCanonical made his first comic-meet!

Darren Close, Colin Wilson, and David Blumenstein.

There were a lot of scribblers chatting and having a good time.

Me, hogging Trev Wood's spotlight.

James Andre

Colin Wilson and Tristian Jones

Larry Boxshall and David Blumenstein.

Was it a good meetup, Brendan? You bet.


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