14 July 2011

Comics jam

Brendan Halyday contacted a few of us local comic illustrators over to his place on Wednesday night for a last-minute drawing night.

Brendan Halyday.

Henry Pop.

Matt Emery.

It was a lot of fun. We just sat around and talked comics while working on our own pages. The time just flew, and before you knew it, we'd all got a lot of work done. Sometimes these get-togethers are a great opportunity to get some comics done (without much effort) than you otherwise might on your own. Especially when you're in a rut. Matt, especially, commented on how productive he'd been that night.

I even finished inking another page of OXYGEN (above).

NOTE: You can probably see the rough sketches that I used to layout this page in the previous post.



Greg H said...

Can we see the results of this comic jam? And what sort of procedure do you follow: Someone starts page and it's passed around for everyone else to add a panel? Is there more than one page on the go at a time?

I'm curious because I've been mulling over organizing similar get-togethers in Adelaide.


Bobby.N said...

Hi Greg,

We each just work on our own comics while we chat and hang out. The page that I worked on that night is shown here in this post.