16 June 2011

Gaining Velocity

As mentioned in the previous post, ALL STAR COMICS on Lonsdale Street helped to launch VELOCITY tonight... A full-colour 110 page moster anthology.

To get into ALL STAR COMICS, just go to 410 Lonsdale Street (in the Melbourne CBD), go through the glass door, step into the elevator, and press '1'.

The owners were swapping comics for dollars hand-over-fist.

It was a very crowded and wonderful turnout. I'm sure the owners and authors were pleased.

Familiar faces...

... and the 'warm' Greg Gates.

I'd be happy too Clark.

As the place thinned out, a few of us decided to get into the elevator and go down to a local bar and toast James Andre's birthday. Not that these guys need alcohol.

Paul's first beer after a looong drink-free month.

Neville (VELOCITY frontman) was there too, and we all had interesting discussions about the local comics scene, things we're all doing in it right now, Watchmen vs V for Vendetta, and Neville's awesome comic book tattoos!

A great night.


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Donovan John said...

Ha! I found you! :-)

Good photos! Cheers for the publicity!