10 June 2011

Comics Meetup [04.06.11]

Ok, first off... sorry this post is late. It's been a busy, busy week. Last Saturday was our Monthly Melbourne Comics Meetup (which this post is about), and then Sunday was the annual Emerging Writer's Festival where a number of us creators had a table and sold our books (more on that after this post... so stay tuned)... Then it was back to the day-job, and then my 40th Birthday on Wednesday (can you believe it), and then it was time to sleep in today and get the redness out of my eyes... so without further a-do... here's a short photographic wrap-up of this past Saturday's monthly meetup.

It was another AWESOME turnout. There's really no point repeating the same platitudes every month about how great these things are, so I'll just let the photos below do most of the talking.

These were the first pics I snapped as I arrived, and not long after I think we had about 20+ people elbowing each other with comics and drinks.

Colin in his Star Wars Empire-General's hat... having an intense discussion with Greg about something... probably about the hat.

Joe Morris from Non Canonical dropped in with his friend for a drink and a chat. We were expecting Larry (Hulk) Boxshall to swing by also, but he piked it.

Yet another sketch that Colin Wilson did for someone. Matt Emery was the lucky bastard who got this gem.. Jeezis... This isn't a sketch, it's freakin finished art!

It was getting pretty full inside, so a few of us snobs took in some fresh air. No, that's not a beer that Paul is reaching for... it's a girl's drink. He's trying to give up booze. Something about turning 40 I think... which I can relate to now, but the sad part is I've been drinking these pansy drinks for years now.

I had some in-depth discussions about local comics with Trevor Wood, Matt Emery & Brendan Halyday also. Interesting times ahead... so, stay tuned.

James Andre came back from his European/U.S world trip with a whole swag of comics. Mostly from France.

James even picked up a signed copy of Dave Cooper's RIPPLE for me (Second from the bottom left in the above pic) at a French gallery that Dave had just exhibited in. This book is in my top five all-time comics. It's in the vein of R.Crumb, and a great disturbingly original story as well. I adore the thing. It's the third copy I now own... but this one's SIGNED! Thanks James.



M.Emery said...

paul looks so sad

Bobby.N said...

I know... now there won't be any hi-octane outbursts from him anymore. It's all tea and slippers for Paul, from now on.


Pansy Bedford said...

Arl be buck!

Horia Horia said...

Awesome pics! Looks like everybody had a great time

Alex said...

That looks like a successful meetup!