27 May 2011

Inking - pt.2

Two posts ago I was stating how important it was to be careful not to over-ink a page... and wouldn't you know it, I freakin did it. What a moron.

I got carried away with the reflection in the puddles of water on the bathroom floor in the 3rd panel, and now it might look like blood to readers. Part of me says, "Relax, it kinda still looks like water... it's not THAT bad... learn from it and just get on with the next page."... but the other part of me is a sissy looking for perfection. (Don't roll your eyes at me Colin!)

I'll tell you one thing I've learnt... its that I'm tempted to just use the computer to fill in areas of black from now on so that I can avoid crap like this in the future.

UPDATE: Following Matt Emery's point in the comments section (below)... I've done the obvious thing (to everyone but me), and just erased the over-use of black via computer and got on with the next page. Yeah, ok... shut yer face.

Oh...! and I fixed the hole that the tentacle was coming out from. It was all warped.



M.Emery said...

use the computer to fill the blacks! think of all the time saved! productivity increased! it's just a process towards the goal, the finished book!

Bobby.N said...

You're right... you're right. It's done now. - B.

Paul Bedford said...

I have some incredible tips on how to best represent reflections in water.

Oh, hang on. No I don't.