24 May 2011

Inking - pt.1

This is just a quick scan of the first stage of an inked page (Oxygen: pg-7, from the next issue of DIGESTED.05). I finish all the inking on the page to a stage that I could hand it over to a colourist if I wanted to... which I don't... but you get the idea.

While I'm not precious with my inking (I don't ink perfectly like some Yoda-like 'Marvel' artist)... I'm mindful to spend time on the drawing and get to every nook & cranny making sure I've 'chipped' away at the illustration enough so I don't cross a point I can't come back from. (You know the feeling... when you over-do a drawing when you look at the finished page and think, "Geez, why did I do all those extra lines" or "Why did I fill in that area?")

I ink in a way an ice skater might when carving up the ice... Shwick! Shwick! Shwick!

(Next stage of inking is to fill in all the blacks and give the page some final 'weight'...)


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David Ziggy Greene said...

This is looking so great, man. Exciting.