22 April 2011

PREVIEW: Oxygen, ch5, pg.3 - (part-2)

Once I've arranged the page's composition (previous post), I then print it out in cyan (blue) colour on my PIXMA inkjet. I then sit down and pencil over the rough composition in detail so that when I'm inking the page, I'm not guessing as much. (You can see the 'duller' PIXMA printer's cyan colour behind my brighter blue pencils that I've sketched over the top.)

And then I ink it, scan it into the computer, and remove the 'blue' chanel.

The final stage is just adding one grey tone.



Jason Franks said...

I have adopted this process myself for the pages I did in the new McBlack book. Made a difference to my work, but... aaagh!

You make it look so easy!

Bobby.N said...

It always looks easy when someone else is doing it, Jase :)

It's a bitch to do. A sexy bitch, but a bitch none the less.

The stage where I try to compose the 'comic' page using the writing and thumbnails is the hardest part for me. Once that has some legs, then it gets easier.

Greg H said...

Thanks for letting us peek behind the curtain. The beauty of your work is that is doesn't look like you sweated over it that much at all.