17 April 2011

BOOKLAUNCH: The List (vol-3)!

I wonderful night was had by all last weekend as Paul Bedford brought The List story to it's dramatic conclusion at Melbourne's 'Loop Bar'.

The book's creators: Tom Bonin, Henry Pop, and Paul Bedford.

The regular show of support from 'the gang'... and Trev Wood did a masterful job of M.C'ing the night.

We even had people fly in from other states. That's the kind of book The-List is. All the regulars from our monthly meet-up were there to lend a show of support, bar those that weren't actually IN Melbourne... I'm looking at you Colin and Jason! It was cold and raining outside, but hellishly hot inside the bar... which suited the books character well. I had some nice in-depth chats with people about comics, producing them, and The List itself. A fantastic night.

Congrats and thanks to Paul, Tom and Henry for the effort of bringing this great comic to us all. It's taken five years, but The List (vol-3) is a great conclusion to a disturbing story. It wraps up beautifully. The art by Henry and Tom is superb. This was the best issue yet! A fitting finale. A must have/read.

Buy it here.


PS: Thanks for the handball of photos from Matt Emery, to Paul, to me.

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Frank Candiloro said...

Hahahaha @ my photo! Good God, I'll never live that down!

A great night it was indeed, especially following up after Supanova. Vol.3 is fantastic, probably the best comic of 2011 that I have read so far (and by the end of the year will definitely be in my Top 10 of Top Comic Picks for 2011).