05 February 2011


Watched this again the other night, and it's bloody brilliant. I'm not sure why this movie goes under the radar. It could be the all-too-easy and unfair 'meathead' light that is cast on Vin Diesel, but the movie is not pretending to be 'The Shawshank Redemption'. It's similar to the flack Stallone's 'Expendables' movie got. It's all too easy to bag a piece of creative work for what it's not. For the genre that this movie is aiming for, it hits the bullseye... in spades.

'The Chronicles of Riddick' is a sci-fi thrill ride with great cinematography, design and adventure. This is the kind of movie built for the big screen. It's the kind of movie you think about watching on you home theatre system.



M.Emery said...

i enjoyed pitch black always meant to see this, will make an effort too.liked expendables but 1 hour and 10 minutes is a pretty short film...high hopes for the sequel

Anonymous said...

What I found unusual was that a sequel to "Chronicles . ."was cleary intended by the ending of the film, but never made.
Strange, based on the success of "Pitch Black" and other Diesel films.
An unexpectedly bigger and better film built on its predecessor; worth watching.

Paul Bedford said...

I can't fully appreciate Riddick, as at about the half way point I threw up due to massive plot holes and illogical sequences. I think I liked Inception more - and that's saying something. ;)

(Doesn't mean I love YOU any less though...)