30 January 2011

DIGESTED.04 - out now!

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I get all giddy and light on my feet each time a book of my mine is delivered from the printers. All new and ready for the world. It's not megalomania, but rather an exhilaration of something I've finally conquered.

The OXYGEN story is just starting to get to it's apex. I've started to hit my stride as the most interesting stuff is now being revealed in the story. It's the equivalent of having to eat your vegetables before you can get to the steak. It's also the stuff that I was most looking forward to showing visually, so the rest OXYGEN is going to be a lot of fun for me to put down on paper.

There's also the conclusion of the MINIMUM HOURS short story, as well as another two short stories after that. At the very back of this issue I ask some local comics people an important question.

DIGESTED.04 is now available to buy for a measly $5 note on my website and my publisher's website (Gestalt Publishing). It will also be officially lauched in a month at the BIG ARSE Comic Book Launch #1 in Melbourne (details in previous post below) where, if you can wait that long, you will be able to get a free sketch from me on the inside cover!



Gary Chaloner said...

Hey Bobby! Congrats on getting another DIGESTED out and about. Hope it is well received! I'm sure it'll be entertaining... as usual.

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. Cant wait to devour it mate!
Paulo Bedfordo.